Translations / Typesetting / Transcriptions

These services are available in all languages; written translations in community languages can widen access to your service(s).

We provide translations for correspondence, forms, leaflets, posters, reports and all other types of documents. In addition, we offer multilingual typesetting services (essential for translated posters, magazines, brochures etc.). We also offer a transcription service; this is where a multilingual audio file is translated and then transcribed in the requested format. Timescales will vary depending on the length and complexity of the translation. A free quotation is available for all translation requests.

We also arrange translations of documents including all official documents from most community languages into English for example for marriage certificates, birth certificates, passports, educational certificates, etc.

About Us

Luton Interpreting and Translation Service (LITS) is an established, trusted, sustainable and resilient language service (with over 25 years of experience).


Corporate Member of the Institution of Translating and Interpreting
Member No. 18450

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