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COVID – 19

COVID-19: LITS are following government advice; we have changed our working practices accordingly. LITS are using remote and safe working methods to continue to deliver a high quality  service to all our customers (both new and established) using various platforms including Skype, Zoom, MS Teams and conference calls etc. (as appropriate). Access to our offices remains limited so please do not turn up without an appointment. NHS advice can be found here NHS Covid-19. 

Luton Interpreting and Translation Service

Luton Interpreting and Translation Service (LITS) Ltd is an established, trusted and ethical local language service (with over 25 years of experience).

LITS is an award-winning service and provides a ‘one stop language shop’ to enable the effective communication of information or the delivery of services directly to the super-diverse local community (including business, health, public, private and voluntary sectors).

Maintaining a town centre presence (Community House, Luton) has been invaluable to the local community and has enabled LITS to enhance its status as an asset that has particular community value and believes that this is supporting Luton’s and the Council’s policy to address inequality and encourage community inclusion and support empowerment and decision making by ensuring that citizens have access to (and understanding of) services and the support they need.

LITS has access to a large cohort of experienced, dedicated and trusted language and communications specialists and we constantly pre-empt the changing local need for languages and dialects due to migration and other challenges facing the Borough of Luton.

Luton’s focus on addressing key health inequalities, jobs, growth and regeneration combined with the desire to gain City of Culture status brings many key challenges. Therefore, understanding and meeting the needs of a fluctuating super-diverse community and ensuring services are able to respond effectively in a timely manner. LITS is mindful of cultural values, sensitivities and expectations which are vitally important to address. The message is clear… “Get in touch… LITS can help!”

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Luton Interpreting and Translation Service (LITS) is an established, trusted, sustainable and resilient language service (with over 25 years of experience).


Corporate Member of the Institution of Translating and Interpreting
Member No. 18450

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