Telephone Interpreting & Instant Telephone Interpreting

For telephone interpreting, our interpreters are available to:
Arrange or cancel client appointments on your behalf;
Pass on a brief message to your
client; and
Establish, in the first instance, what help your client may need

Instant Telephone Interpreting

In some instances when face-to-face interpreting is not necessary then an instant telephone interpreting service is available 24/7 from LITS.  Telephone interpreting is especially useful in emergency situations or shorter interpreting sessions where a practitioner, officer, police or solicitor may only ask a few simple questions from their clients and arrange follow up appointments.

LITS provides a professional and cost-effective instant telephone interpreting service which allows immediate access to an interpreter with no set-up charges and no contract required.  You only pay for the time you use with no minimum booking time. Instant telephone interpreting enables you to:

Secure a telephone interpreter instantly – even for rarer languages
Tailored interpreter search for complex and / or sensitive appointments

About Us

Luton Interpreting and Translation Service (LITS) is an established, trusted, sustainable and resilient language service (with over 25 years of experience).


Corporate Member of the Institution of Translating and Interpreting
Member No. 18450

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