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About us


Luton Interpreting and Translation Service (LITS) is a company limited by guarantee.   From April 2012 LITS became independent of Luton Borough Council, LITS is now working in partnership with the council and remains the main provider for language services. 

The Council's decision ensures that the citizens of Luton are safeguarded and continue to have access to a locally based, high quality interpreting and translation service.  LITS continues to provide services to all communities, businesses, establishments and various organisations within Luton and the neighbouring areas ensuring they receive a fast, dedicated, reliable and efficient service.

Our interpreters are qualified, experienced and professional and are available to work with professionals from various sectors including Social Services, Fraud & Investigations, Licensing, Trading Standards, Housing, Educational Establishments, Legal (Courts and Solicitors), Job Centres, Immigration and Asylum, Hospitals and many others.

Interpreters are UK based and hold various qualifications such as (but not limited to) the Diploma of Public Service Interpreting (DPSI), Metropolitan Police Test, Institute of Linguistics membership (IOL) and are registered on the National Register for Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI).

Our philosophy and principles

Our philosophy and principles are the same today as when we were first established in 1993 at the former Bedfordshire County Council and subsequently transferred to Luton Borough Council in 1998.  Over that time LITS has gained more than 20 years of experience in providing a successful and fit-for-purpose service to all types of customers. We are passionate about all we do and have been doing; we always keep in mind our ‘ultimate goal’, a combination of providing all your language needs and the best possible customer care which makes us who we are:

  • We provide access to high quality interpreting and translations to all types of organisations whether they be public, private or voluntary sector; this will help them to communicate more efficiently and effectively with their clients who have language needs;
  • We enable diverse communities with language needs to access a wide range of services from all types of organisations, which will help them towards improving the quality of their lives;
  • We have interpreter’s who are highly regarded, fully qualified with established skills and experience over many years;
  • We are a simple, no fuss and dependable service, which you can rely on; and
  • We are committed to first class service.


We hope you enjoy the difference that is LITS

Contact us

15 New Bedford Road 
Luton LU1 1SA
(Within the Voluntary Resource Centre Building)
01582  415 015 
Opening Hours
09.00 – 5.00pm
(answerphone available)

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