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Information for residents

All local authorities and service providers are conscientious that their residents have fair and equal access to the services they provide. Therefore, if one (or more) of the options below is applicable to you:
  • English is not your first language;
  • You want to talk to the Council about something; or
  • You have received a letter or document from the council that you do not understand...

then you may request an interpreter / translation (or other language service) in order to help you access or understand the availability of services; this includes getting documents translated into the language of your choice.

For the resident's of Luton (specifically) this means that you can visit Luton Borough Council’s main reception area (Customer Services) and a member of staff will be able to arrange an interpreter or advise on translations. You can contact Luton Borough Council on 01582 546000 or via http://www.luton.gov.uk/internet/references/quicklinks/contactus.html 

If you have a query then please ask someone who speaks English to call the Luton Interpreting and Translation Service (LITS) on
01582 415 015 or email interpreting@lutonits.org.uk
 and a meeting with an interpreter or translation can be arranged, as required.

Translations and Interpreters for residents

Luton Interpreting & Translation Service (LITS) is directly accessible to all residents.  If you need to book an interpreter or require personal or official documents translated and certified for official use for example birth, marriage, divorce, death, academic certificates (or any other type of document) from your community language into English then please contact LITS directly for further information and charges.

Information for all other customers

LITS has been helping businesses and organisations to breakdown language barriers by providing trained interpreters and quality translations since 1993. Regardless of where you are located in the UK, if you are a business, organisation, establishment etc. then your need will be to ‘speak your client’s language’.  LITS can help you to communicate more efficiently and effectively with your client(s) whose first language is not English. An interpreter or translation (or other language service) will empower your client(s) to make choices and access the services they need. 

We offer a complete and competitive service, to all potential customers by providing:

How to book an interpreter / translation

A request for a interpreter or translation (or other language service) should be made either by telephone, e-mail or post. All interpreting requests must be booked  24 hours in advance, however if there is an urgent request we will try and provide a service as soon as possible, although this will depend upon the availability of an interpreter.  In most cases the following information will be required:

  • Your details;
  • Interpreting / translation (or other language service) details; and
  • Your client’s details (if applicable). 
See 'bookings' for more information.

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